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Space science meets cosmetics

The skin-tightening active ingredient is a bacterial ferment obtained from a microorganism. This comes from Rio Tinto in Spain, a territory used by NASA as a test area and known as "MARS on Earth" due to its highly mineral conditions.

Experience the lifting effect overnight

The surprising lifting effect was found in dermatological examinations on human skin. This is due to the biotechnologically processed microorganisms. Overnight application is necessary due to the high sensitivity to light.

Wake up and feel good

The ointment makes the skin feel weightless overnight. This makes us look relaxed and healthy so that we can start the day full of self-confidence.

“For me it is the best face cream. My skin feels firmer and I have fewer wrinkles. "

“I've never used a better night cream. The firm skin makes me look younger. "

“My skin on my cheeks feels a lot firmer. The best night cream for me. "

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